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what you’ll miss

3 August, 2010

Mr C.J. BARNETT: […] Also, in line with the bills the Minister for Planning introduced last week, we will be bringing in a similar special trading zone for Midland, which I understand the member for Midland supports; and we are going to do a special trading zone for Armadale, which I understand the about-to-depart member for Armadale supports. There is an
element of support for that.

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: It was our policy at the last election! We were honest with the public. We actually had a policy at the last election!

Mr C.J. BARNETT: It is like fly fishing—I do not have to even throw any berley out and she bites!

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan: You are such an arrogant idiot!

Several members interjected.

Mr C.J. BARNETT: I shall continue.

Ms A.J.G. MacTiernan interjected.

Mr R.F. Johnson: We are going to really miss you!

The SPEAKER: The difficulty I have, member for Armadale, being the member in this place furthest away from the comments you are making is that sometimes I want to hear them; sometimes I am not so sure. But the Premier has the call at the moment and he is the person I want to hear from.

Subject: Retail Trading Hours – Labor Party’s Position [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 23 June 2010

Hansard reference: p. 4473 [online (pdf)]

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