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30 September, 2010

Mr M.P. WHITELY: […] We could have moved on from this about 35 minutes ago if the Leader of the House had the intellect and the work ethic to do his job. This Parliament is a disaster because he is not smart enough to run this
place. I do not want to sound elitist, but it really upsets me that stupid people such as the Leader of the House get to be in positions of power. I can see others rise up the ladder. I do not mind that.

Mr R.F. Johnson: I’m over here and you’re over there.

Mr M.P. WHITELY: Yes, the Leader of the House is on the other side of the chamber, and it upsets me. I do not mind that the Deputy Premier has a role —

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mrs L.M. Harvey): Order! Member for Bassendean, you need to confine your discussion to the amendment that is before the house.

Mr M.P. WHITELY: I put it on the record that we are engaged in a situation in which 40 years from now, as the member for Cannington said —

Mr T.R. Buswell interjected.

Mr M.P. WHITELY: Does the member think it funny that kids in an institution could be suffering sexual abuse and grandparents have no effective mechanism for raising that issue? Does the man who put “Vasse” into Vaseline think that is funny? He is a disgrace and a joke.

Withdrawal of Remark

Dr J.M. WOOLLARD: I think the member for Bassendean has to withdraw his comment about “stupid people such as the Leader of the House” because that is a personal attack.

Mr M.P. Whitely: If I withdraw, I will be misleading the house. I will finish up now.

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mrs L.M. Harvey): Member for Bassendean, I have not made a ruling on the point of order. I thank you not to tell me when to be quiet.

Mr M.P. Whitely: I didn’t tell you to be quiet.

The ACTING SPEAKER: There is no point of order. It is not an unparliamentary term, sadly, to call people in this house stupid.

Subject: Children and Community Services Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Consideration in Detail]

Date: 21 September 2010

Hansard reference: p. 6985 [online (pdf)]

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