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wondering star

22 November, 2010

Mr C.J. BARNETT: Out of over 100 annual reports, miraculously, this committee focused only on late reports that happen to be in the portfolios of the member for Vasse in his former ministerial capacity.

Mr E.S. Ripper: Did other ministers lie, did they?

Mr C.J. BARNETT: Mr Speaker, this is a very important question that wonder boy has raised and we need to deal with it.

Point of Order

Mr M. McGOWAN: Mr Speaker —

Mr C.C. Porter interjected.

The SPEAKER: Attorney General, I formally call you to order for the first time. I believe that the member for Rockingham is on his feet about to make a point of order.

Mr M. McGOWAN: Although the member for Cottesloe used to refer to me as that 13 years ago, I still —

Mr T.K. Waldron: What happened?

Mr M. McGOWAN: — kept all my hair, and my height!

Members should be referred to by their electorate or by their title. Mr Speaker, I ask that you insist that the Premier abide by that rule.

The SPEAKER: Premier, I insist that you refer to members in this place by their seat.

Questions without Notice Resumed

Mr C.J. BARNETT: I shall.

Mr R.H. Cook: And we insist that you cheer up.

Mr C.J. BARNETT: The member thinks this is very humorous. The only reports that the committee focused on were —

Mr R.H. Cook: A cranky end to a cranky week.

Mr C.J. BARNETT: The member is stunning!

Mr R.H. Cook interjected.

The SPEAKER: Member for Kwinana, I formally call you for the first time today.

Subject: Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations – Agency Annual Reports [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 18 November 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 9191 – 9192 [online (pdf)]


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