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looking for a leader

24 November, 2010

Mr J.H.D. DAY: […] As I said, I think members of the opposition made quite an entertaining contribution in some respects. We have heard from probably all the aspirants for the leadership of the Parliamentary Labor Party in Western Australia. I am very pleased that this bill provided the opportunity for all the aspirants to make their contribution so that people in this chamber and people more widely who watch these proceedings —

Mr D.A. Templeman: How do you think mine went, minister?

Mr J.H.D. DAY: The member for Mandurah is one of them!

Mr D.A. Templeman: Are you putting me in to be picked?

Mr J.H.D. DAY: Absolutely!

Mr D.A. Templeman: It’s only my mum who thinks I should be leader!

Mr J.H.D. DAY: The members for Rockingham, Victoria Park, Mandurah, and possibly even the member for Mindarie!

Mr M. McGowan: What about the member for Southern River? Why isn’t his name there?

Mr J.H.D. DAY: I am not sure whether he is an aspirant for the leadership of the state opposition!

Mr M. McGowan: He might as well go with us!

Mr B.S. Wyatt: Come on over!

Mr J.H.D. DAY: He has obviously come in to the chamber to listen to this debate very intently and I am sure that he is contemplating his future very, very carefully.

Subject: Perry Lakes Redevelopment Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 21 October 2010

Hansard reference: p. 8189 [online (pdf)]

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