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blinded by the light

22 December, 2010

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: […] One of the good things about the council pick-ups is what I call the Steptoe and Son syndrome—someone else’s rubbish is someone else’s treasure. The utes and trailers appear. Some people are quite brazen about it; they are quite happy to be seen picking through the things that people turf out onto the verge. I admit that I once did the same myself—it was not too recently—when I was looking for some extra tin for my chook pen. I am well
known in my neighbourhood so I had to don my hat and dark sunglasses.

Dr G.G. Jacobs: Well known as a local scrounge.

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: Yes, I am well known as a local scrounge! I remember putting on my little cap and dark sunglasses and driving around the streets. The best time to do it is at dusk because very few people are about. Firstly, most of them are having tea, so they are not out the front of their properties but are usually inside. Secondly, if they are looking out, one should always try to do it when the sun is setting in the west —

Dr G.G. Jacobs: Where else does it set? You’ve got a choice?

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: — because the sun will actually blind them while they peer out of their door to look at the person who is sifting through their rubbish. I actually got some very good tin indeed, so I was able to do that.

Mr W.J. Johnston: If you’re that good a scrounger, you should be Leader of the House.

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: That is very true.

Subject: Environmental Protection Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 16 November 2010

Hansard reference: p. 8862 [online (pdf)]

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