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you wanted a hit

17 January, 2011

(a prequel to this post)

Mr B.S. WYATT: […] The former Treasurer can carry on all he likes about there having been too much cutting and not enough pasting, but that mistake reflects his sloppy nature and the fact that he never really had an eye on the detail of his job. He was good at the bluster, at the bravado and at throwing toilet paper around the chamber, but when it came to the key details of managing the state’s finances, he took that as the punchline of his job. It was not what he was here to do.

Mr M. McGowan: I think he was a one-hit wonder.

Mr B.S. WYATT: He was a one-hit wonder, member for Rockingham.

Dr A.D. Buti: Not too big.

Mr B.S. WYATT: Yes, although we can question how big that hit was, member for Rockingham.

Mr M. McGowan: We can think of some examples, can’t we?

Mr B.S. WYATT: I can think of a few examples. My entire tape, record and CD collections are replete with one-hit wonders. In fact, I actually think that the best thing on 720 ABC—you will like this, Mr Speaker—is the dance tracks played by Geoff Hutchison. I eagerly await the 10.30 dance track each morning, because more often than not it is a song in my collection. In fact, yesterday’s dance track was Rick Astley’s Never Going To Give You Up. However, I think the Premier has given up on the former Treasurer. He certainly is not as funky as Rick Astley once was.

Mr M. McGowan: He was a one-hit wonder because he only did one budget.

Mr B.S. WYATT: At the moment he has done only one budget. We eagerly await whether the member for Vasse will return to his former role.

Mr P.C. Tinley: The comeback kid.

Mr B.S. WYATT: The comeback kid!

Mr M. McGowan: He was like My Sharona by The Knack.

Mr B.S. WYATT: By The Knack—I do not plan bursting into song on that.

Mr W.J. Johnston interjected.

Mr B.S. WYATT: I know My Sharona. I will not say I am a keen fan of My Sharona. I daresay that it is probably from the 1970s and not the 1980s.

Mr M. McGowan: No, it was 1981.

Mr B.S. WYATT: It was 1981. Okay.

Mr W.J. Johnston: It was 1979.

Mr B.S. WYATT: I am going with the member for Cannington!

Mr M. McGowan: Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners.

Mr B.S. WYATT: Now that is a good song.

Mr M. McGowan: That is him—a one-hit wonder.

Mr B.S. WYATT: That is one of my favourite songs. I do not want to compare the member for Vasse with a song I actually enjoy because I would never enjoy the song again.

Mr W.J. Johnston: Do you know that My Sharona was on George W. Bush’s iPod?

Mr B.S. WYATT: I am not sure what to do with that piece of information, but I thank the member for Cannington.

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Recurrent 2009-10 (Supplementary) Bill 2010 / Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Capital 2009-10 (Supplementary) Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 16 November 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 8884 – 8885 [online (pdf)]


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