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18 January, 2011

Point of Order

Dr A.D. BUTI: Could the Acting Speaker please ask the member for Riverton to withdraw what he just said. It was an offensive word; he knows what it was.

Dr M.D. Nahan: I said “Be quiet!”

Dr A.D. BUTI: No, you didn’t. Don’t lie. He is misleading Parliament. He knows he did not say that.

Mr M. McGowan: Say what he said.

Dr A.D. BUTI: I will spell it out—f-u-c-k o-f-f. That’s what he said.

Mrs L.M. Harvey: He did not! What a load of rubbish.

Dr A.D. BUTI: If he said “Be quiet”, I would not have got up!

Several members interjected.

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr A.P. O’Gorman): Members, I am trying to hear a point of order. If everybody is shouting at the same time I cannot hear the point of order. I would like to hear the point of order so I can make a ruling on it. Member for Armadale, your point of order?

Dr A.D. BUTI: It is very unparliamentary language, Mr Acting Speaker. I would not have said it if he did not say it. He knows he said it. I ask him to withdraw it.

Dr M.D. NAHAN: I did not say that.

Mr P. Papalia: What did you say?

Dr M.D. NAHAN: I said, “Be quiet!”

Mr P. Papalia: That sounds exciting!

Dr M.D. NAHAN: He kept interjecting on me.

Mr P. Papalia: I can see him mixing that up!

The ACTING SPEAKER: Member for Warnbro! Members, I did not actually hear what the member for Riverton said. I trust, like all members in this place, that members are honest and truthful, and that if he did say something that was unparliamentary, that he would withdraw it. He said he has not, so there is no point of order.

Subject: Franchising Bill 2010 – Referral to Economics and Industry Standing Committee [Legislative Assembly – Standing Orders Suspension — Amendment to Motion]

Date: 18 November 2010

Hansard reference: p. 9168 [online (pdf)]

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