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down among the wine and spirits

21 January, 2011

HON NORMAN MOORE (Mining and Pastoral — Leader of the House) [3.29 pm]: […] I have to say that there are many people who have serious concerns about trying to combine the mining, horticulture and viticulture industries. Clearly I understand that, although I might add that there is a place called the Hunter Valley where people make perfectly good wine and which has perfectly good coalmines. I do not know whether they coexist well. However, Hunter Valley wine tastes just as good as any other wine that I have come across. I do not know that it is contaminated by coal dust, but that might be a particular characteristic of Hunter Valley wines. I think at one stage most of the red wines of the Hunter Valley were described as “sweaty saddle” wines.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: What was that—sweet and sour?

Hon NORMAN MOORE: No, sweaty saddle. Obviously, the member is not an expert on wine. Anybody who drinks sauvignon blanc is not an expert either! That is an appalling thing to admit to! Can members imagine telling anybody that they drink sauvignon blanc?

The PRESIDENT: Order! I could not possibly entertain any criticism of Margaret River wine!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: The good winemakers of Margaret River make chardonnay, Mr President, as you know. Only New Zealanders make sauvignon blanc!

Subject: Tourism Policy – Barnett Government [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 17 November 2010

Hansard reference: pp. 8923-8924 [online (pdf)]

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