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at a different time

22 July, 2011

HON LJILJANNA RAVLICH (East Metropolitan) [10.06 pm]: I rise tonight to put the government on notice on the issue of mental health. I have been the shadow Minister for Mental Health for only a few days and since acquiring my new position I have done quite a bit of work in the area of mental health services.
Hon Helen Morton: You’ve got to be joking!
Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: I put in only 30 questions yesterday; but if that does not satisfy the minister, so be it.
Hon Norman Moore: You are a great opposition member; you were just a hopeless minister!
Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: And the Leader of the House is just hopeless at both.
Several members interjected.
Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: Quite frankly, if I were the Leader of the House, I would just sit still.
Hon Norman Moore: I am happy to have my achievement gauged against yours at any time.
The PRESIDENT: Order! This is —
Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: Kick him out!
The PRESIDENT: Order! This is a section called “Members’ Statements”, not “Personal Insults”.


: Mental Health Policy Commitments [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 16 February 2011

Hansard reference: p.402 [online (pdf)]


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