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the empty threats of little lord

27 July, 2011

Mr D.A. Templeman: We were talking about cars earlier. What was the first car you drove?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I think it was a Ford 8 Model Y. We are talking an old car here.
Ms M.M. Quirk: A Model T!
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: No, it was not a Model T; but it was a Ford. It cost me £10.
Mr R.H. Cook: Did someone walk out in front of it with a red flag?
Mr D.A. Templeman: I can see you in a Bentley with a cigar!
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I used to have a Rolls-Royce.
Mr D.A. Templeman: Did you really?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Yes, I did.
Mr J.E. McGrath: He is an aristocrat!
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Some people call me Lord Johnson, but I try to ignore that!
Mr R.H. Cook: You are a man of the people, aren’t you?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I am just waiting for a message from Her Majesty, obviously!
Mr D.A. Templeman: You didn’t get an invite to the wedding?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: I have been to Buckingham Palace. I have had tea with the Queen, yes, if you want to know!
Mr D.A. Templeman: Did you get an invite to the wedding?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: Funnily enough, I am going over for a wedding at the same time. I will not tell you where I am going and who has invited me. If you want to ask these questions, I am happy to give you honest answers.
Mr D.A. Templeman: I have always found you very obliging!
Mr M. McGowan: Are you paired?
Mr R.F. JOHNSON: It is when we are not sitting.
Mr M. McGowan: Can you make it when we are sitting?


: Road Safety Council Amendment (Functions) Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 23 February 2011

Hansard reference: p. 1005 [>online (pdf)]

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