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1 August, 2011

Hon KATE DOUST: The opposition will support the amendment moved by Hon Giz Watson. It will certainly achieve the aims that we want in that it provides clarification and consistency. We are also pleased that the definition of “midwife” has been included.

Hon PETER COLLIER: The government will support this amendment. I appreciate the consensual approach to this amendment that has been adopted by all parties. I thank Hon Giz Watson and Hon Kate Doust for their contributions to the debate. They really did win me over. I could see the logic of the debate. This amendment will improve the legislation. I have spoken to the Minister for Police and he is also supportive of the amendment. I thank members once again for their contributions. I think this legislation will be improved as a result.

Hon GIZ WATSON: I thank the minister and his advisers for accommodating the concerns expressed in this debate. I think it is a sign of good and trusting working relationships in the Legislative Council built up over a long period. The general requirement is that the wording of a bill needs to reflect very clearly the second reading speech. I appreciate that there is a lot of enthusiasm for these changes, which we fully support. But it is beholden on us to ensure that there is consistency in legislation; otherwise, it can create problems later if a court has to make an interpretation. Indeed, it is the Parliament’s job to ensure that those two things match properly. I think we have achieved that. I again thank the minister for the capable way in which he has dealt with these

The DEPUTY CHAIRMAN (Hon Jon Ford): Members, at the risk of being flippant, I think perhaps we need
to have a group hug!

Subject: Criminal Investigation Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 24 February 2011

Hansard reference: p. 1065 [online (pdf)]

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