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12 August, 2011

Hon LIZ BEHJAT: Here comes the barbecue stopper: recommendation 16 of the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review report.

Hon Sue Ellery: What kind of barbecues do you go to?

Hon Norman Moore: This is exciting, please don’t interject!

Hon LIZ BEHJAT: This is the exciting bit, stick with it; I can assure the honourable member that it does get exciting!
The report states —
Clause 28(2), row 3 proposes various amendments to the Coal Miner’s Welfare Act 1947. The proposed insertion of upper case “Council” and “Union” in sections 10(1), 10(2) and 12(1) raises a query about the drafting practice of using upper case in the middle of a sentence to suggest a defined term. However, neither “Council” nor “Union” are defined in the principal Act.

The committee is of the view that the proposed amendment should be drafted in lowercase. Therefore, the committee makes the following recommendation. The report states —

The Committee recommends that the Parliamentary Secretary representing the Attorney General explain why upper case has been proposed for the terms “Council” and “Union” in clause 28(2), row 3 of the Bill.

Hon Sue Ellery: I am never going to a barbecue with you!

Hon MICHAEL MISCHIN: I can assure Hon Sue Ellery that the hours just fly when lawyers get together to talk about this sort stuff!

Subject: Statutes (Repeals and Minor Amendments) Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 22 March 2011

Hansard reference: pp. 1706-1707 [online (pdf)]

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