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get happy

7 September, 2011

Hon KATE DOUST: […] This legislation has come into this house with 15 government amendments attached to it. That clearly demonstrates to us that when this bill went into the other place, it was flawed. The government has now acknowledged that, because it has picked up all the issues that were canvassed in the other place and is now seeking to amend the bill. We will support those amendments.

Hon Norman Moore: I am just interested in your enthusiasm for this event!

Hon KATE DOUST: I will continue to ask questions to make sure the government gets this legislation right. If all these people from the commonwealth want to come to Perth for CHOGM, great! I am enthusiastic!

Hon Norman Moore: You sound so negative!

Hon KATE DOUST: I am not. That is just the spin from the Leader of the House. He is perennially grumpy!

Hon Norman Moore: You are normally not negative at all; you are normally very positive. But today you are being very negative.

Hon KATE DOUST: I am not. The Leader of the House is just very grumpy, and that puts a colour on his vision.

Hon Norman Moore: I am not! I am smiling at you!

Hon KATE DOUST: Yes—and I am dancing on the inside, leader! So we are both happy people!

Hon Robyn McSweeney: Isn’t that nice!

Hon KATE DOUST: It is nice!

Hon Norman Moore: Just get positive! Be enthusiastic!

Hon KATE DOUST: I am so pleased the Leader of the House has joined us today!

Hon Norman Moore: Just be enthusiastic about it!

Subject: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (Special Powers) Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 19 May 2011

Hansard reference: p. 3667 [online (pdf)]


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