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hidden charms

13 September, 2011

Hon LJILJANNA RAVLICH: […] Finally, I do not know whether the minister is trying to court me, but I have read his pick-up line in Hansard a number of times; it is —

She is as appealing as a doublegee!

I tell the minister that that will not cut it. He says it all the time. Every time I read one of his speeches I find it buried there, “She is attractive or as appealing as a doublegee”! That is a pretty pathetic effort. […]


HON PETER COLLIER (North Metropolitan — Minister for Training and Workforce Development) [10.15 pm]: I really cannot let that one go. I am sprung; I have been trying to crack on to Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich for the last six years, but I have not succeeded! Hon Eric Ripper obviously has something far more appealing than I have.

Hon Robyn McSweeney: It must be hidden then!

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: Everyone has; it’s a given. Everyone has something more appealing than the minister!

Subject: National Skills Training Funding [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 24 May 2011

Hansard reference: p. 3818 [online (pdf)]

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