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three cheers for our side

14 September, 2011

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Before the break I was using the analogy of the government being a bit like the Gold Coast Suns. It is a shame that Hon Max Trenorden is away on urgent parliamentary business because I worked out what his role is in the team. All those teams have the trainer who stays on for years and years and who does the strapping and gets the team ready. I think that is the role that would fit Hon Max Trenorden perfectly. They also have a bit of a kick to kick. Of course, some of them do not kick that straight, so it helps to get the reflexes of their colleagues up. That is the role the government could assign to Hon Max Trenorden.
I go back to the serious issues with this budget—the dishonesty, the problems and the way in which it is constructed. I have gone through the issues. I have not spent a great deal of time on —

Hon Max Trenorden: I’m here!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: It looks like Hon Max Trenorden is now trying to be the goal umpire! He is waving his hands around as though he is the goal umpire.

Hon Liz Behjat: He is on the premiership team.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: He had his glory days a long time ago. I suspect he will be the first one delisted from the side.

Hon Phil Edman: You must be football fans over there.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: No, I am a big fan of netball these days, given the way my two football teams are playing!

Subject: Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure [Legislative Council – Consideration of Tabled Papers]

Date: 26 May 2011

Hansard reference: p. 4060 [online (pdf)]

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