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28 September, 2011

It’s been a while since we featured some parliamentary song parodies…

Hon HELEN BULLOCK: […] The Minister for Regional Development is a very rich man; he controls $1 billion a year in hard cash. Over the past two years he has certainly learned very quickly how to spend that money as though there is no tomorrow. When I was preparing my speech, I could just not stop thinking of the song from Evita titled And the money kept rolling in (and out). Here is a variation of the song —

And Royalties keep rolling in from every side
Grylls’ big hands reached out and they reached wide
When the money keeps rolling in, you don’t ask how
Think of all the people guaranteed a plastic cow
Grylls called the country to him, open up the doors
There has never been the Royalties for Regions before

Grylls and his blessed fund can make your dreams come true
Write your name and your dream on a card or pad or a ticket
Throw it high in the air and should our saint pick it
He will change your way of life for a week or even two
Name me anyone who cares as much as —

Can I say the name?

Hon Simon O’Brien: The Minister for Regional Development.

Hon HELEN BULLOCK: Yes; the title, Minister for Regional Development, destroys the whole thing —

And the money kept rolling out in all directions
To the poor, to the weak, to the destitute of all complexions
Now cynics claim a little of the cash has gone astray
But that’s not the point my friends
When the money keeps rolling out you don’t keep books
You can tell you’ve done well by the happy grateful looks
Never been a saint, loved as much as the Minister for Regional Development

Subject: Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure [Legislative Council – Consideration of Tabled Papers]

Date: 28 June 2011

Hansard reference: pp. 4972-4973 [online (pdf)]

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