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the gift that keeps giving

30 September, 2011

Hon KEN TRAVERS: […] We have a federal government prepared to spend more money on infrastructure in Western Australia than any previous federal government has been prepared to spend, yet it is criticised. Members opposite must have been a miserable bunch as kids when they got their Christmas presents: “Nah; it’s not good enough. I want more.”

Hon Max Trenorden: Who said I got Christmas presents?

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Hon Max Trenorden would have got grumpy for Christmas! How miserable! I bet Hon Max Trenorden never got Christmas presents because as a young kid he was so ungrateful that everyone decided not to give him anymore. They knew that he was never going to change—that he was going to be grumpy anyway.

Hon Max Trenorden: The only thing they would ever give me was homing pigeons and boomerangs.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Did they never offer Hon Max Trenorden a ticket on the Prospector? We are always happy to buy him a ticket on the Indian Pacific! It is called a gold pass!

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Recurrent 2011-12 Bill 2011 / Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Capital 2011-12 Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 29 June 2011

Hansard reference: p. 5116 [online (pdf)]

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