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just a test

6 October, 2011

Mr M. McGOWAN: […] The then Education Standards Authority, now the curriculum and standards authority—what is it called —

Dr E. Constable: The School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Mr M. McGOWAN: It is now called the School Curriculum and Standards Authority—in the fine tradition of the Barnett government’s changing the name of something that the former government was going to name in order to gain ownership of it, of which the Heath Ledger Theatre is the most celebrated example. There other examples of changing the names things —

Mr J.H.D. Day interjected.

Mr M. McGOWAN: The minister is awake! I thought he was asleep.

Several members interjected.

Mr M. McGOWAN: He is normally asleep; I know that. However, he is awake. It was just a test; I was only testing.

Mr J.H.D. Day interjected.

Mr M. McGOWAN: This is one of those exams that I was talking about; I was testing to see whether the minister was awake!

Mr D.A. Templeman: And you passed!

Mr M. McGOWAN: He passed with flying colours.

Subject: Curriculum Council Amendment Bill 2011 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 16 August 2011

Hansard reference: pp. 5884-5885 [online (pdf)]

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