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boy with a problem

12 October, 2011

Hon PHILIP GARDINER: […] Part of the problem, which I was amazed to read, is that 47 per cent of Western Australians go through our lives with at least one period of mental disorder. That means that one in every two of us goes through our life with one occasion of mental disorder. I have had clarification that that includes psychiatric problems as well as psychological problems; however, I have not had the term “mental disorder” defined for me. I do not call feeling sad because your mother or father has died a mental disorder.

Hon Max Trenorden: What about supporting the Dockers?

Hon PHILIP GARDINER: Hon Max Trenorden has a real problem there, and I do not know what the cure is for that!

Subject: Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure [Legislative Council – Consideration of Tabled Papers]

Date: 9 August 2011

Hansard reference: pp. 5242-5243 [online (pdf)]

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