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i know there’s an answer

14 October, 2011

This is the 600th Hansard-quoting post on Houses & Motions; next month, we’ll hit our fifth birthday (granted, after some quite extensive lulls in activity), and there should be a retrospective accompanying that. For now, though, time to raise the bat and carry on. Today’s post has skipped ahead a little in the WA Hansard archives, the first of probably many posts dedicated to the debate surrounding the Cat Bill 2011.

Mr A.J. WADDELL: […] Clearly if it could be demonstrated that cats—I am not sure what the collective noun is for a group of cats —

Mr M. McGowan: It’s a pride.

Mr A.J. WADDELL: A pride, is it? A pride of kittens?

Ms L.L. Baker: No, it’s a clowder.

Mr A.J. WADDELL: A clowder.

Ms L.L. Baker: I am sorry that it’s not my quiz night!

Subject: Cat Bill 2011 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 6 September 2011

Hansard reference: p. 6808 [online (pdf)]


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