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wide awake on the voyage home

20 October, 2011

MR M. McGOWAN (Rockingham) [12.12 pm]: […] Those were the minister’s two main reasons; he had a third, but I cannot quite remember what it was. Those were the two main ones that stuck in my mind; I ruminated on them on the 45-minute drive home last night, and I could not, for the life of me, work out why —

Mr T.R. Buswell: Couldn’t sleep?

Mr M. McGOWAN: Pardon?

Mr T.R. Buswell: Were you going to say that you couldn’t sleep? I was going to say that now you’re really starting to get me worried, after I admired your physique last night! I ruminated on that on the way home; I wish I hadn’t!

Mr M. McGOWAN: I hope the minister did not ruminate for long!

Mr T.R. Buswell: I ruminated for longer than the trip home!

Mr M. McGOWAN: There is a frightening thought!

Ms M.M. Quirk: You’re lost for words! That’s amazing!

Mr M. McGOWAN: I am sure the minister ruminates on lots of things, but I cannot imagine that rumination on my physique would have occupied too much of his time! I do not think he is telling the truth to the house in that regard!

Subject: Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2011 [Legislative Assembly – Third Reading]

Date: 7 September 2011

Hansard reference: p. 6932 [online (pdf)]

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