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someday my prince will come back (part one)

31 October, 2011

Hopefully we’ve used up all of the CHOGM-related material for now (at least until Parliament sits and mentions it again), and we can get back to other topics such as seals or the Cat Bill 2011. While searching for quotes concerning CHOGM or the Queen, we found some older exchanges from 2004 that, while not specific to the events of the last week in Perth, have some relevance. The two exchanges are related but several months apart, so they’re being presented as two posts. Part two is here.

HON PETER FOSS (East Metropolitan) [5.58 pm]: Often things happen without getting on the record. I feel it should be put on record the quality and standard of the additions that have just been made to the northern side of Parliament House. I must say that you, Mr President, and your predecessor, Hon George Cash, have managed with a much smaller budget than the other House to make improvements to our end of the building that are tasteful and beneficial to the members. Hon George Cash established a very good precedent in doing so and I must say that you, Mr President, have continued with that.

Of course, there are a few matters of concern. I am distressed by the failure of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip to resume their rightful place in this Chamber. No doubt that is about to happen.

Hon Barry House: Perhaps they will come back with the airconditioning.

Hon PETER FOSS: I am sure it is about to happen. No doubt next week I will be able to rise during member’s statements and note the pleasant return of our monarch and her spouse to their rightful place in the Chamber. That would be excellent.

Subject: Parliament House Extensions [Legislative Council – Members’ Statements]

Date: 3 March 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 252-253 [online (pdf)]

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