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someday my prince will come back (part two)

31 October, 2011

Following on, several months later, from part one.

HON PETER FOSS (East Metropolitan) [5.49 pm]: I have some good news for you, Mr President.

The PRESIDENT: You have found the report!

Hon PETER FOSS: I have found something, but not the report. Mr President, I know that you and I have both been extremely concerned at the disappearance of the photographs of our sovereign and her consort. They appeared to have vanished without trace, but I was fortunate enough the other day to be in what is now called the Legislative Council Library. I noticed that leaning, face against the wall, were some large frames with a crown on the top of each. That instantly made me think that these might be the missing portraits. I went across to the wall, pulled the frames back and looked at the front. Sure enough, to I am sure the eternal gratitude of all her most loyal subjects, I found an extremely youthful image of Her Majesty the Queen. I also found an image of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. I missed out yesterday on the opportunity to let you know about this, Mr President. I know that you have been anxiously awaiting this news. I know that as a loyal subject of Her Majesty the Queen, you have been anxious to know what terrible thing might have happened to her precious portraits. I am now able to let you know, Mr President, that due to some inadvertence the portraits had been placed in a room next to this Chamber, face against the wall, and had been mislaid.

Hon Kim Chance: They were so close all this time!

Hon PETER FOSS: Yes. We were all anxious. I know that the President in particular was anxious, as he holds his office by commission from Her Majesty the Queen, as issued by Her Majesty’s representative in this State, His Excellency the Governor. I am sure Mr President would like to see, as would I, some sign of the legitimacy of this Chamber and of his and our appointment. I am sure he has been as anxious as I at this loss. I am now able to put on the record and let you know, Mr President, that your sleepless nights of concern need continue no longer. I have found the missing portraits. I am very pleased to be able to bring this good news to the House.

The PRESIDENT: Order! In giving the call to Hon Paddy Embry of course we would hope that the forensic skills of Hon Peter Foss
would allow him to track down the wooden crown as well.

Hon Peter Foss: I think I know where that is, Mr President.

HON PADDY EMBRY (South West) [5.53 pm]: I am not at all surprised, Mr President, that you stole my thunder in that regard. Detective Foss has indeed been on the scent.

Subject: Photographs of Sovereign / North West Educational Tour [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 18 November 2004

Hansard reference: p. 8322 [online (pdf)]

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