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1 November, 2011

HON LINDA SAVAGE (East Metropolitan) [9.14 pm]: […] As I have mentioned, I have some cats, which I do not consider myself close to, and I do not really know whether they are that close to me. They look at me every morning on the kitchen ledge and I know they are looking at me because I am the one who feeds them, unlike the owners of the cats who have either left home or are not awake at that time to feed the cats.

Hon Ken Travers: You’re going to have to name them because everyone else has.

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: I am not going to name all the cats.

Hon Ken Travers: You have to name them. It is a requirement of a debate such as this that you name your cats.

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: Let me tell members that our four cats, of which two are left, have had their fair share of adventures. Certainly, I have attempted to have our cats, as required, fitted with collars and tags so that if they were lost, they would be returned; I am sure the children would have been very upset if they had not. As many people who have had cats will know, it is very difficult to keep collars on cats. I have tried various types of collars and we have to be careful not to make them too tight, obviously. Often, we have to make cats’ collars fairly tight so that they will not be able to get out of them. That is something that I failed in, because, obviously, I have not been able to keep collars and tags on our cats.

Hon Robyn McSweeney: What are they called?

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: Of the two that we still have, one is called Pandora. I hope that no-one has a child called Pandora. She is quite flighty, as goes with her name. The other cat is called Rudolph, because when he was brought home as a kitten it was Christmas and he spent some time with the Christmas tree. One would have to be a child with a kitten to make that connection between getting a kitten at Christmas and calling it Rudolph.

Hon Ken Travers: I’m sorry for making you name your cats!

Hon LINDA SAVAGE: I am not naming the other two, which have unfortunately met a very—I should not laugh!—sad end.

Subject: Cat Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 28 September 2011

Hansard reference: p. 7876 [online (pdf)]


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