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17 November, 2011

HON MAX TRENORDEN (Agricultural) [9.54 pm]: Mr President, I have a very serious and disturbing matter to report to you. It is an area in which you have some jurisdiction and you will be very disturbed to hear about it. I was part of the parliamentary team that was beaten two–zip in the golf match several days ago.

Hon Simon O’Brien: Shame!

Hon MAX TRENORDEN: Exactly! Not only were we beaten by the press, which is almost unforgivable, we were beaten also by the staff. What can I say? Mr President, this extreme lack of performance is a serious matter. The team was Hon Brian Ellis, Minister Kim Hames, me and a ring-in who I will not name because he was the only golfer amongst us. There has to be some consideration about who led this debacle. I think it was probably Hon Brian Ellis who led this debacle because it certainly was not me; if I was leading it, we would have won! You understand that, do you not? Therefore, I think Hon Brian Ellis gave the very core leadership of the golf match because I do not think that I want to accuse Minister Kim Hames because I will probably want a few benefits out of him as time goes by. Mr President, I thought I had better report this terrible matter to you and maybe you will want to constitute an inquiry on how one of your teams, so carefully selected, performed so badly.

The PRESIDENT: In response, I acknowledge the disappointment. I had not realised things had slipped so badly because two years ago Hon Kim Hames and Hon Brian Ellis had the better sense to choose their partners when I joined them, together with my cousin who was a ring-in for you who had a sore back. We actually won the whole event two years ago, so it is a serious issue. Thank you for bringing it to the house’s attention.

Subject: Annual Parliamentary Golf Day [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 9 November 2011

Hansard reference: p. 9168 [online (pdf)]


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