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glorious flight

9 December, 2011

Hon ED DERMER: […] Prior to the current practice of members’ statements, I witnessed an event in this place—in fact, I was involved in the debate that followed—during an adjournment debate in which a member of this place savaged a member of the Legislative Assembly. I took the opportunity, in an adjournment speech, to speak in defence of the member of the Assembly who was savaged by a member of this place. When I look at the wording of the proposal moved by the Leader of the House, it is not clear to me whether the reference would refer to a member of either house being subject to an attack in the way that the Leader of the House described or whether it would apply only if a member of the Legislative Council was the subject of an attack.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I think there is another standing order that says we are not allowed to attack members of the other house. It is already not an acceptable practice. That should have been ruled out of order, but I do not recall the occasion.

Hon Ken Travers: Or members of this house, for that matter. Except by way of motion, a member is not allowed to directly attack another member. We can have a policy debate.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I hope Mr Travers might take that on board!

Hon Ken Travers: I only ever go after the policy, never the individual!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I think that is a wonderful admission from the member that this will not happen in the future. We can all sit back, relax and enjoy the flight from now on!

Subject: Standing Committee on Procedure and Privileges [Legislative Assembly – Amendment to Motion]

Date: 30 November 2011

Hansard reference: pp. 10103-10104 [online (pdf)]

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