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teenage angst

17 January, 2012

We’ve featured a couple of exchanges from the Acts Amendment (Lesbian and Gay Law Reform) Bill 2001 debate previously (here and here). There may be more to come later: this quote is from an extended Consideration in Detail and Third Reading which carried on until well into the next morning, with the House not adjourned until 7:06am.

Mr McGINTY: […] People who oppose the legislation fall into two camps. One is the majority of people who disagree with the current law. They think that the current law, which has been in the Criminal Code for as long as anyone can remember, is wrong. They do not agree that the age of consent should be 16 years for heterosexual sex. They think it is too young. Nonetheless, that is the current law. It is a generational issue. The older people get, the less they think that kids should be doing the sorts of things they did at 16. That is part of life.

Mrs Hodson-Thomas: Is that some sort of admission?

Mr McGINTY: I assure the member for Carine that I was a virgin at 16 and for some considerable period after that!

Mr Barnett: Spare us the details!

Mr McGINTY: I assure members that they do not want to know. I feel a bit distracted after that exchange!

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member is not the only one.

Subject: Acts Amendment (Lesbian and Gay Law Reform) Bill 2001 [Legislative Assembly – Motion to Split Bill]

Date: 11 December 2001

Hansard reference: pp. 6802-6803 [online (pdf)]

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