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sneaky feelings

30 January, 2012

In the commentary in WA last week surrounding Mark McGowan‘s election as Leader of the Opposition, following Eric Ripper‘s resignation, a constant was references to McGowan’s nickname – “Sneakers”. Allegedly derived from an Alston cartoon in the West several years ago, in which McGowan’s support for Kim Beazley was depicted with all that could be seen of the former was ‘only a pair of shoes protruding from his mentor’s rear’, the nickname has featured in several other news stories and been a prominent part of Alston’s recent McGowan-oriented cartoons. Inevitably, there has also been a SneakersMcGowan account set up on Twitter

Unsurprisingly, there has been some reference to the nickname in Parliament over the last few years. Even more unsurprisingly, perhaps, the main culprit has been Troy Buswell. Most of the mentions are throwaway insults, sometimes followed by withdrawals, but occasionally they form part of slightly more interesting exchanges (or maybe it’s just that it reminds me of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead)…

Mr M. McGOWAN: I am shocked by the rudeness of the Leader of the House. I think that the member for Alfred Cove could demand government time and could indicate, for instance, that she will no longer support the gag being moved in this house, as it has been on two occasions in recent weeks, if the government does not provide her with time to bring on important legislation. It is up to her to do that. That is something, as an Independent, I think would be —

Mr R.F. Johnson: You are the last person she would seek advice from, my friend!

Mr M. McGOWAN: Fair game.

Mr C.C. Porter: Last week she was corrupt!

Mr M. McGOWAN: I am trying to make a reasoned contribution and give the member for Alfred Cove —

Dr K.D. Hames: See that signal—it means shut up!

Mr M. McGOWAN: I thought the Minister for Health looked better yesterday!

Dr K.D. Hames: At least you can see all of me, not just my sneakers!

Mr M. McGOWAN: If the minister wants me to start getting nasty, I will.

Mr B.J. Grylls: Fifteen-all!

Subject: Tobacco Products Control Amendment Bill 2008 [Legislative Assembly – Standing Orders Suspension — Motion]

Date: 1 April 2009

Hansard reference: p. 2471 [online (pdf)]


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