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newly minted

1 February, 2012

Over the last five and a bit years, we’ve featured many terrible one-liners and bad puns committed to permanent record within Hansard. Of course, the wordplay is not limited to parliamentary debates.

Late last year, friend of the site Jarrad provided us with these offerings from WA’s Parliament House. Note not just the fact that you can obtain branded mints while at Parliament House, but also the name chosen for these refreshments.

Parlia-mints (front)

Parlia-mints (back)

For the record, the mints themselves are pretty much what you’d expect, taste-wise (despite, as the image shows, being past their best-by date). I’m not a mint connosieur, and cannot compare them with other, not-so-governmental treats, but to be honest the attraction is entirely in the branding. Thanks, Jarrad – and apologies for not getting this up sooner!

The subject of Parlia-mints has not been broached directly in either House, as far as I could find in a quick Hansard search, so here is a slightly relevant exchange from 2001:

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: […] I asked for details of the Matrix contract time and again. It had been negotiated, and there is no way it was tabled here. That is one of a hundred contracts that was not tabled here. What a load of codswallop! You are a disgrace!

Hon PETER FOSS: I am sorry, Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich has missed the point again.

Hon Tom Stephens: No, she has got you absolutely skewered.

Hon PETER FOSS: No, she has not.

Hon Tom Stephens: You were telling a fib and she proved it.

The PRESIDENT: Order! The Minister for Housing will come to order.

Hon PETER FOSS: Hon Tom Stephens always seems to go off his brain after dinner. I know that he does not drink alcohol, so it is obviously not alcohol that does it to him. It must be red cordial.

Hon Tom Stephens: It was the ice-cream.

Hon PETER FOSS: Hon Tom Stephens should avoid anything with sugar in it.

Hon Tom Stephens: It is when you come on with after-dinner mints.

Hon PETER FOSS: The point I was making is that I tabled contracts in this House. I did not say that everybody tabled contracts in this House.

Hon Tom Stephens: That is not what you said at all. Don’t try to worm out of it like that.

The PRESIDENT: Order! If the minister listens, he will manage to hear what is being said, but if he yells, he will not.

Hon PETER FOSS: Hon Tom Stephens’ sugar content is obviously causing enormous problems.

Hon Tom Stephens: It is entirely your speeches that are the problem.

Subject: Address-in-Reply [Legislative Council – Amendment to Motion]

Date: 31 July 2001

Hansard reference: p. 1646 [online (pdf)]


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