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death of a party

16 February, 2012

Dr A.D. BUTI: […] The member for Mindarie expressed the concern, with which the Attorney General would surely agree, as would any other lawyers in this place—non-lawyers probably more so—that lawyers tend to dominate in any discussion.

Mr P. Papalia: They do seem to go on!

Dr A.D. BUTI: They do!

Mr P. Papalia: They talk a lot!

Dr A.D. BUTI: My wife has always said that the worst dinner parties we have had were with groups of lawyers!
Being serious, I think there is a problem that by having lawyers in the jury room there will be a tendency for them to dominate. In his proposal, the Attorney General exempts criminal lawyers. In some respects, and it is outlined by the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia in its discussion paper, it may be worse if it is a lawyer who does not practice in the criminal jurisdiction, because they may seek to dominate on matters that they know nothing about.

Mr C.C. Porter: It doesn’t stop us!

Dr A.D. BUTI: Well, that is right!

Subject: Juries Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 22 February 2011

Hansard reference: p. 827 [online (pdf)]

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