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that’s entertainment

17 February, 2012

This time last year, in the WA Legislative Council (see also: simply irresistible):

Hon PETER COLLIER: The Gay Pride Parade is an entertainment event, and the police send more than 10 police on that evening.

Hon Ken Travers: It’s a political protest.

Hon Giz Watson: It’s a political protest?

Hon Ken Travers: Wasn’t the Pride Parade originally a political protest?

Hon Giz Watson: Yes.

Hon Ken Travers: And it still is, as far as I understand.

Hon PETER COLLIER: I think it is beyond that now.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: But lots of protests are entertaining; this is quite concerning. Is the Liberal Party annual conference going to be captured by this?

Hon Simon O’Brien: I very much doubt it.

Hon KEN TRAVERS: That is an event of an entertaining nature! I get lots of entertainment out of watching the Liberal Party annual conferences!

Hon Simon O’Brien: You need to get a life if that’s your attitude!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: Some of those conferences have been very entertaining to watch, and I am sure Hon Simon O’Brien enjoys watching some of ours!

Hon Simon O’Brien: I do; don’t worry about that!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: There we go! I think the minister has just broadened the definition of an event, so can he explain it to us.

Hon PETER COLLIER: I thank Hon Ken Travers very much for drawing the analogy between the Gay Pride Parade and the Liberal Party state conference.

Hon Ken Travers: I’ve heard they’re very similar!

Hon PETER COLLIER: But we do not have 70 000 people turning up to the Liberal Party state conference. We are growing constantly, I can assure the member, but we have nowhere near the 70 000 who line the streets of Northbridge for the Gay Pride Parade.

Subject: Police Amendment Bill 2010 [Legislative Council – Committee]

Date: 17 February 2011

Hansard reference: p. 606 [online (pdf)]

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