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damn these vampires

21 February, 2012

HON GIZ WATSON (North Metropolitan) [5.39 pm]: […] I refer to a study carried out at Griffith University and published in July 2006 entitled
“Shocking the Suburbs: Urban Location, Housing Debt and Oil Vulnerability in the Australian City”. The study formed part of an urban research program and examined the vulnerability of suburbs to increasing oil prices. Page 26 of the study refers specifically to Perth. It states –
The areas of Perth that demonstrated the highest concentration of high VAMPIRE –
This is an acronym that stands for vulnerability assessment for mortgage, petrol and inflation risks and expenditure; I reckon it is a great acronym.

Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich: Do you reckon they got the acronym first and then worked back?

Hon GIZ WATSON: Yes, they worked out the words to match it; I am sure they did. They probably did it over a few beers, or perhaps a couple of red wines!

Subject: Home Ownership – Affordability [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 21 March 2007

Hansard reference: p. 447 [online (pdf)]

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