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time to stop talking

22 February, 2012

Yesterday, the Barnett Government, with the support of the Opposition, announced plans to change the laws on Sunday trading within the Perth metropolitan area. Deregulating retail hours has been an at times controversial topic in Western Australia, and has been the subject of several previous bills. Today’s post, for example, takes us back to August 2004 (see also earlier posts on the Retail Shop and Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2003).

(New material from this week’s sitting will appear next week, when the corrected Hansard is made available).

HON FRANK HOUGH (Agricultural) [11.52 am]: […] People ask whether small operators can compete if shops open longer. I told my wife to sell her Body Shop and my daughter to sell her hairdresser cum fashion shop. My other daughter is still in business as a hairdresser. The shopping centres my wife and daughter operated businesses in were like those in the United States. People walk into Wal-Mart and can talk to a doctor, go to a pharmacy and cross the road to buy a lawnmower. When those centres are shut, people are buggered – they do not know where to go.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon George Cash): Order! There is certainly a level of language that is inappropriate in this place.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I apologise, Mr Deputy President. I took it off the Toyota ad.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: That might be the case.

Hon FRANK HOUGH: I withdraw that comment. I will say that, in that situation, people are cactus. That is appropriate – being a plant.

Hon Nick Griffiths: I think you should stop now.


Subject: Retail Shop and Fair Trading Amendment Bill 2003 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 18 August 2004

Hansard reference: pp. 5070-5071 [online (pdf)]

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