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broken bells

28 February, 2012

And this is how proceedings in the Legislative Assembly resumed after summer:

THE SPEAKER (Mr G.A. Woodhams): Members, I am glad to see you all here without the assistance of the bells. I inform you at this moment that the bell system is not working, nor is the public address system. If needs be for a division later on today and the bells are not working, yes, one of you will be designated as the bellringer and sent around the building! Seriously, that is what will happen. It will not be a member, obviously; it will be a member of staff. But if we do need to use the handbells as in previous years, they will be used. Members, I appreciate your cooperation in this. If we do reach that point, from my perspective, I will be extending the time permitted for the division bell to be rung, so you will have an opportunity to get out of this place and get back into it in due time, one would hope. I do not think I can provide any further instruction along those lines.

MR M. McGOWAN (Rockingham — Leader of the Opposition) [2.04 pm]: I am pleased to see that Parliament has a very Christmassy feel to it, Mr Speaker

Subject: Legislative Assembly Chamber – Division Bells / Parliamentary Labor Party – Leadership Positions [Legislative Assembly – Statement by Speaker / Statement by Leader of the Opposition]

Date: 21 February 2012

Hansard reference: p. 2 [online (pdf)]


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