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down by the water

13 March, 2012

Hon KATE DOUST: […] I know that some members of this place have had overseas meetings with people and asked: where else in the world do people have direct access between the city and the water? There is a range of places. I just talked about Hong Kong as one example; there is also Singapore. I am sure that if Hon Norman Moore talked about all the places he has travelled to during his time, he would provide us with a list of places where people can access the waterways directly from the city without being blocked off by buildings or having roads cut off.

Hon Norman Moore: I’m going to slash my wrists after listening to your speech.

Hon KATE DOUST: Listen, we know you are leaving. You do not have to leave that soon.

Hon Norman Moore: It’s just absolutely horrendous what you’re telling me.

Hon KATE DOUST: It is not. I would like to see things happen in this city —

Hon Norman Moore: I might go and live in some other city—Dubai perhaps, yes. I’m going to live in Dubai for a while and see what it would actually have been like had you been the government.

Hon KATE DOUST: I would have liked to have seen the minister live in London. It is a real shame he is not living in London. He could have accessed the water directly without the buildings in front of it.

Several members interjected.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Michael Mischin): Order, members! And I mean all members.

Hon KATE DOUST: Thank you, Mr Deputy President. It is a real shame the minister is not off to London; he could have enjoyed that.

Subject: Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1203/41 – Perth Waterfront – Disallowance [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 6 March 2012

Hansard reference: p. 610 [online (pdf)]

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