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the greatest love of all

19 March, 2012

MS GUISE (Wanneroo) [8.21 pm]: […] I hope that in the years to come, we will be able to build on that technology for the benefit of our rural and remote communities. I have seen instances in South Australia – I am sure we are going down that path – in which the interface between the class and teachers occurs electronically. It is incredible. On one side of the screen the teacher’s work goes up, and on the other side is the work of the student in the outback station.

Mr Johnson: It is good to see the kids often teaching the parents and the grandparents how to use computers.

Ms GUISE: I have always said my son is my helpdesk! I think many of us can relate to that. It is always difficult to keep up with the new technology. The children are our future.

Ms Radisich: Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Mr McRae: It could be a great song title.

Ms GUISE: Does the member think so? We could do that!

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Fund) Bill (No. 1) 2002 [Legislative Assembly – Third Reading]

Date: 18 June 2002

Hansard reference: pp. 11536 – 11537 [online (pdf)]

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