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danger of the water

23 March, 2012

MS R. SAFFIOTI (West Swan) [10.53 am] — by leave: I would like to make a few comments about the committee’s “Child Health — Child Development: the first 3 years” report. As a mother with three children under the age of three, I am going through —

Ms L.L. Baker: You are very tired!

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: Yes—very tired and very busy! But I am actually experiencing some of the things that have been talked about today. I also know, as a member who represents people who live in the outer suburbs, and hopefully in the future Ellenbrook, in which there are a lot of young families—particularly a lot of twins, too, in the young suburb of Ellenbrook—that this is an issue that is increasingly important in the community.

Dr G.G. Jacobs: There must be something in the water!

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: Obviously—something in the Gnangara mound!

Subject: Education and Health Standing Committee [Legislative Assembly – Thirteenth Report – “Child Health – Child Development: The first 3 years” – Tabling]

Date: 1 March 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 512-513 [online (pdf)]

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