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laughing boy

3 April, 2012

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: […] I also want to talk about Sunday trading. The Leader of the Opposition, the member for Rockingham, put Sunday trading on the agenda in January this year.

Mr T.R. Buswell: Has he ever opposed it?

Mr C.C. Porter interjected.

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: That is a nice laugh the Attorney General has!

Mr C.C. Porter: I’m glad you like it!

Mr T.R. Buswell: He has an even nicer smile!

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: It is very high pitched. I am sure my dog, Oscar, is barking wildly as we speak!

Mr C.C. Porter: I have a very good falsetto. We should sing together sometime.

Ms R. SAFFIOTI: I am sure you do. Whatever turns you on, Attorney General!

Subject: Retail Trading Hours Amendment Bill 2012 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 22 March 2012

Hansard reference: p. 1210 [online (pdf)]


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