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13 April, 2012

HON NORMAN MOORE (Mining and Pastoral — Leader of the House) [8.19 pm] — in reply: Thank you, Mr Deputy President. I think everyone has spoken. Did anyone miss out?

Hon Ken Travers interjected.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I did not want anyone to miss out on speaking on this very important bill.

Hon Sue Ellery: I am anticipating a fascinating rendition of the history of Captain Stirling from you.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: That is only because I brought with me a book called James Stirling: Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia, written by Pamela Statham-Drew. It is a fascinating book.

Hon Kate Doust: I’m sure you are going to read us great chunks of it.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: It is a very scholarly book and very difficult to read. But I did spend a lot of time reading it so that I would learn a little bit about James Stirling. Members should be aware that only part of his life was spent in Western Australia. He was engaged in many other activities throughout his life in other parts of the world.

Hon Kate Doust: Did you teach history?

Hon NORMAN MOORE: I did, and I am going to give members a history lesson tonight!

Hon Kate Doust: I knew that was coming our way.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: It is actually practise for my retirement in case I decide to get one of those jobs in a hard-to-manage school where the school principal can be paid $200 000.

Hon Kate Doust: You could’ve gone to London.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: There may be an opportunity for me, so I will practise on the house tonight and see how I go. If anyone learns something tonight I may well have succeeded in resurrecting my former teaching career!

Subject: Western Australia Day (Renaming) Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 28 March 2012

Hansard reference: p. 1444 [online (pdf)]


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