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call it a day

17 April, 2012

Hon NORMAN MOORE: […] When people have talked to me about secession and asked what I would call the place, I have said that I thought we might call it Hesperia. I want to tell the house where that name comes from. I brought a book today about James Stirling. When he sought to encourage the British government to settle at the Swan River and to create the Swan River Colony, he was in constant communication with Governor Darling, who was then the Governor of New South Wales.

James Stirling suggested that we call it Hesperia. One of these days we might come to Parliament to change the name of Western Australia Day to Hesperia day in recognition of our determination to be self-governing.

Hon Ken Travers: We could go into committee if you like.

Hon Kate Doust: We could do it now.

Hon Ken Travers: We shouldn’t let that lower house tell us what to do! We should send it back and say that we want Hesperia day.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: Does the member want that?

Hon Ken Travers: Why not? I like the name Hesperia.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon Michael Mischin): Has the member moved an amendment?

Hon Ken Travers: When we get to committee, absolutely, I will.

Hon NORMAN MOORE: That is a clearly tongue-in-cheek comment about the name Hesperia, but it is just to bring to the attention of the house that this is how that name came about. When I have mentioned it on the odd occasion, people say “Hysteria” and try to make fun of it, but James Stirling regarded it as an appropriate name for a country facing the setting sun, which of course is in the west. Indeed, we face north now more than we ever faced east, and that is where our future lies. With that sermon and that lesson, I recommend that the house support the legislation.

Subject: Western Australia Day (Renaming) Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 28 March 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 1448-1449 [online (pdf)]


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