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dogs are everywhere

18 April, 2012

HON MAX TRENORDEN (Agricultural) [5.40 pm]: […] I just want to make the point, and make it as clearly as I can, that I have sympathy for the families. I know how much I love my dogs. I had to put down one of my own dogs several years ago because it had cancer of the nose. I gave it to my eldest son and said, “You take him in to the vet because I just can’t do it.”

Hon Wendy Duncan: The reason my husband lets me come to Parliament is that I got him a dog.

Hon MAX TRENORDEN: I am not going to get into that argument!

Subject: Northam – HARRT – Dog Rescue [Legislative Council – Statement]

Date: 29 March 2012

Hansard reference: p. 1584 [online (pdf)]

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