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27 April, 2012

While researching yesterday’s post, I found some other interesting diversions in the Hansard from 2000; both the WA Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council return next Tuesday, but in their absence we’re returning to 2000 today – surprisingly, in nearly five and a half years this is the first time that former Premier Richard Court has appeared on this site (well, really it’s not too surprising, given the fact that most of the exchanges featured have here been from 2005 on…).

DR TURNBULL (Collie) [12.52 pm]: This Parliament has been discussing packaging – Pamela Anderson’s packaging. I want to show members a much slimmer packaging success than Pamela Anderson. I have here some peach, plum and nectarine snacks that are beautifully packaged. They are slim and exciting. I have samples for all members and I ask them to try this product. In fact, I would like to table this magnificent package!

Mr Court: Can I have one, too?

Dr TURNBULL: The Premier can have three to take home to his daughter.

Subject: New Packaging for Fruit Leather [Legislative Assembly – Statement by Member for Collie]

Date: 23 November 2000

Hansard reference: p. 3846 [online (pdf)]

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