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gibbon half a chance

3 May, 2012

MS RADISICH (Swan Hills) [9.00 pm]: […] On my recent visit to the Zoo I was fortunate enough to meet the baby white-cheeked gibbon, Meili, who was rejected by her mother, not an uncommon phenomenon in the animal world. Meili is being looked after by Rosemary, who is treating the gibbon like a baby – she is wearing a nappy in the enclosure, and misbehaving like any human child, being fed on infant formula. Hopefully, Meili will be reintegrated with the rest of the gibbon family in due course, and so will make the acquaintance of her parents on a friendship basis, rather than as a parent and child.

Mr Pendal: I understand she rejected the new minister when she went out there recently, and now both have been sent for counselling.

Ms RADISICH: I heard that rumour. I was too scared to pat her in case I got scratched or something, but I am just a wimp.

Subject: Zoological Parks Authority Bill 2001 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading]

Date: 26 June 2001

Hansard reference: p. 1410 [online (pdf)]

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