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dog days

22 May, 2012

I think that maintains the strike rate of at least one mention per year (including this previous exchange):

222. Mr J.M. FRANCIS to the Minister for Tourism:
I will just quickly wish my good little mate Rex a very happy fifth birthday today. He is at home watching. My question is to the —

Several members interjected.

Mr J.M. FRANCIS: That is a bit “ruff”. My question is to the —

The SPEAKER: Member for Jandakot, although some of us in this place may appreciate the sentiment of your opening remarks, I would prefer to hear just a question from you. I am going to give you the opportunity now. [1]

(several hours and discussions later)

MR A.J. WADDELL (Forrestfield) [5.05 pm]: I rise to support the motion.

The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr J.M. Francis): Member for Forrestfield, let me acknowledge from the chair your birthday today. Happy birthday, member for Forrestfield!

Mr A.J. WADDELL: Thank you very much, Mr Acting Speaker. It is a great privilege to share a birthday with your dog! [2]

Date: 16 May 2012 [online (pdf)]

[1] Subject: Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]
Hansard reference: p. 2655

[2] Subject: Suburban Hospital Services [Legislative Assembly – Motion]
Hansard reference: p. 2679


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