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21 June, 2012

Mr C.J. BARNETT: I met with industry representatives because they contacted me at home and said that they had a problem and that they wanted to explain it to me. I told them to come in the following morning. We sat down and they took me through it. Subsequent to that, I had meetings with the responsible minister, Hon Simon O’Brien, and the Minister for Housing, and Hon Simon O’Brien has put in place a series of measures. He has personally visited all the major local authorities in the outer fringe of Perth to unplug the jam. That is happening now.
Why would members opposite laugh? Wouldn’t you think that is a sensible thing to do?

Mr M. McGowan: Because it is hopeless.

Mr C.J. BARNETT: It is not hopeless.

Mrs M.H. Roberts: Have you unplugged it yet?

Mr C.J. BARNETT: Yes, the approvals are flowing and we will monitor that.

Mr P. Papalia: The system was just constipated!

The SPEAKER: Member for Warnbro!

Mr C.J. BARNETT: The member for Warnbro is a very disappointing member of this house.

Subject: Building Act – Housing Approvals [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 13 June 2012

Hansard reference: p. 3590 [online (pdf)]

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