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a trip out

21 August, 2012

MR D.A. TEMPLEMAN (Mandurah) [8.56 pm]: I am very pleased to comment on the general debate on the appropriation bills before us. I congratulate you, Mr Acting Speaker (Mr I.M. Britza), on your high elevation to your new role as Acting Speaker. I am sure you will find it interesting, just as I did when I became an Acting Speaker not long after becoming a member. When I was an Acting Speaker, the Speaker was not as generous with trips for Acting Speakers, as is the case in this term of government. I did not get to go on any trips, which I am disappointed about.

Dr K.D. Hames: I went on one with your Speaker.

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: Everyone else went on a trip with the former Speaker, but I did not. I am outraged by it! This is outrageous! The former Speaker should be condemned in this place for not allowing that!

Mr T.R. Buswell: What is his name?

Mr D.A. TEMPLEMAN: He is now a constituent of mine, so I have to be careful!

Subject: Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Recurrent 2010-11 (Supplementary) Bill 2011 / Appropriation (Consolidated Account) Capital 2010-11 (Supplementary) Bill 2011 [Legislative Assembly – Second Reading — Cognate Debate]

Date: 14 August 2012

Hansard reference: p. 4936 [online (pdf)]

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