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22 August, 2012

Mr T.R. BUSWELL replied: […] The challenge for government is to make sure that we have funding available to deal with those issues when they arise, and we do. It is in part about the money the government is continuing to spend on regional roads, as we always have done, but that funding is also being supplemented incredibly by the money provided from the road trauma trust fund.

Mr M.P. Murray: Did anyone speak to the Shires of Collie or West Arthur?

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: What I can say to the member for Collie–Preston is this —

Mr M.P. Murray: Answer that question. That’s part of it.

Mr T.R. BUSWELL: — the port of Bunbury will be supported as it facilitates trade, and part of that will be the money that this government —

Mr M.P. Murray: Typical. Let’s mark your card: “B” for bully, “B” for bra-snapper and “B” for boofhead.

Mr C.J. Barnett: Charming.

Mr M.P. Murray: Don’t you start.

Dr K.D. Hames interjected.

Mr M.P. Murray: Open your mouth and we’ll see what happens then.

Mr C.J. Barnett: There’s another threat.

The SPEAKER: Premier and member for Collie–Preston! Member for Collie–Preston, I formally call you to order for the first and second time today. Premier, I call you to order for the first time today. Minister for Health, I call you to order for the first time today.

Subject: Bunbury Port – Grain – Road Transport [Legislative Assembly – Questions Without Notice]

Date: 14 August 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 4885-4886 [online (pdf)]

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