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27 August, 2012

The W.A. Legislative Council gets in on the graph and chart action – unfortunately the archived broadcast does not appear to be available on the parliamentary website, so we can’t get a screenshot of the chart itself at the moment.
Edit (17 September 2012): Screenshot acquired; unfortunately light on the chart meant it didn’t show up particularly well on camera, but there are hints of the full diagram in the image below.

HON KEN TRAVERS (North Metropolitan) [12.04 pm]: […] I have brought a little chart to show members. There are three sources of funding for roads in Western Australia. The first is the money we pay under the Road Traffic Act for motor vehicle licence fees. That amount has been climbing since 2001 and 2002—it is the blue line on my chart. It has been climbing quite significantly over that period. The red line on the chart is the second source of funding, commonwealth funding. That has been climbing roughly in parallel with the blue line.

Hon Simon O’Brien: It is all over the place! It’s not parallel!

Hon KEN TRAVERS: If you put the trend line through, you goose, you will see it climbs in parallel. But the one that does not climb —

Hon Simon O’Brien: It’s not in parallel—it’s perpendicular to it. It is a good chart, Ken. I am sorry; I should not interject.

Subject: Regional Development – Investment in Infrastructure [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 16 August 2012

Hansard reference: pp. 5096-5097 [online (pdf)]


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