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here comes a city

29 August, 2012

HON NORMAN MOORE (Mining and Pastoral — Leader of the House) [3.55 pm]: […] The Pilbara Cities program is a project that I think is long overdue and something that I have hoped for a very long time might happen. Like a couple of other members, I have in fact lived in the Pilbara. I lived in Karratha before it was even a town, let alone a city. There were about three rows of houses and a school. It grew and grew very rapidly in the time I was there to the point that it had grown so quickly that the school was upgraded to the next level—and I had to shift. Karratha in those days was just really a construction site, and a school and a couple of other facilities; there were no shops—nothing. Everything was in Dampier.

Hon Wendy Duncan: And Red Dog!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: He came much later than that. This was well before Red Dog.

Hon Simon O’Brien: This was back in the Dreamtime!

Hon NORMAN MOORE: In fact, it was 1971, that Dreamtime—yes, the member is right about that!

Subject: Pilbara Cities Development – Strategy and Plan [Legislative Council – Motion]

Date: 22 August 2012

Hansard reference: p. 5256 [online (pdf)]

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