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on the internet, everyone knows you’re a dog

31 August, 2012

Regular readers will be well aware of this, of course:

Hon SALLY TALBOT: […] I notice that the other day the member for Jandakot—it might have even been in the context of the litter debate in the other place, although I would have to check that—made some extraordinary comments about the plastic bag ban. We all know that the member for Jandakot has dogs because he talks about them a lot.

Hon Sue Ellery: They’ve got their own Twitter site.

Hon SALLY TALBOT: They have their own Twitter site, yes; absolutely.
I notice that the member for Jandakot raised the issue of needing plastic bags to pick up dog poo. I have put it on the record in this place, and I have spoken about it many, many times in the media, that Labor’s bill to ban plastic bags did not affect those small yellow bags in which people pick up dog poo, nor did it affect all the other bags that everybody talks about being desperately in need of; it was only the single-use plastic shopping bags.

Subject: Litter Amendment Bill 2011 [Legislative Council – Second Reading]

Date: 23 August 2012

Hansard reference: p. 5309 [online (pdf)]


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